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CHDH 2007 Information

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Dates: (Race 1) April 21-22, 2007 | (Race 2) June 9-10, 2007 | (Race 3) Sep 8-9, 2007

Where: Carnegie SVRA - Livermore, CA

Learn more about Carnegie here: Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area Main Page


From the Bay Area:

Get to the 580/680 interchange. From there take the I-580 and go East to Vasco Road exit. Make a right. Turn left on Tesla Road. Follow until you see CSVRA on the right. Should take about 30 minutes from the 580/680 interchange (at reasonable speeds).

Alternate route from the South Bay:

take I-680 north. Exit on Highway 84 to Livermore. DO NOT TAKE CALAVERAS AVENUE - THAT WILL TAKE YOU THE WRONG WAY!! 84 turns into Vallecitos Road. Then veer left on Holmes Street (you should be in a residential area at this point). Make a slight right on 4th Street. Then make a slight right on College. Follow College until you hit S. Livermore Ave. Turn right onto S. Livermore Ave. S. Livermore Ave. becomes Tesla Road. Follow Tesla across Greeneville Road to the park. Not sure if this route is faster, but it is more direct for you South Bay folks.

From Southern Calfornia:

Interstate 5 North to 580 (San Fran). Take Corral Hollow exit West 6 miles to park.

Schedule/Practice: You must be registered and sign a waiver to practice on Saturdays and Sundays! Free shuttle rides are available on the Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm, and on the Sunday (race day) from 8:00-9:30am. All riders must clear the course by 9:30am on race day or risk disqualification. Race starts at 10am.

Note that Carnegie is open all year. The course will not be clearly marked until race weekend and the area will not be protected from motorcycles until race weekend, but at least you'll get an idea of the terrain. The course is located at the far west end of the park near the fence line. If you're at the MX track, you're at the wrong end. The CHDH races will start promptly at 10am. You must be off the course by 9:30am or you will be disqualified. We will sweep the course from 9:30-10am to ensure all markings are in place and that no one has gone "astray".

Registration: You will be able to register for all 3 races online @

A PDF registration is available here.

A PDF Waiver Release is available here.

Entry forms must be mailed by April 7th (1st Race), May 26th (2nd Race), August 25th (3rd Race).

Forms must be received by April 12th (1st Race), May 31th (2nd Race), August 31th (3rd Race).

Make sure you allow enough time for the postal system to do its thing. Don't mail it one day before it is due and expect it to be to us in time. Do not mail after 4/3 unless you use overnight service or priority mail. There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION!!! Late register at Carnegie is on Saturdays, April 21st, June 9, and Sept 8th from 11am-1pm. Upon receipt of your registration, you will be assigned a number and start time.

Entry Fee: Entry fee is $45. Late registration fee is $55. If the races are sold out by the April 12th (1st Race), May 31th (2nd Race), August 31th (3rd Race), there will be no Saturday registration. We reserve the right to close registration at anytime. Please note that this race is not sanctioned by NORBA, USCF, NCNCA. You don't need no stinkin' licenses to race here. We will be utilizing NORBA rules though.

Every PRE-registered racer will receive a FREE SHIRT!!! (see image below). Only available @ Race 1.

Course Description: Carnegie is known for Motocross Hill Climbs races which means there are some STEEP hills. As a result, the CHDH is known for its fast, steep downhill and the infamous G-out section. This years course like past years will be FAST and FLOWY, it will be challenging to all skill levels, with a significant amount of singletrack, off camber, bumpy sections, berms, tight turns, high speed doubles, maybe even a step up or down and don't forget the infamous G-out section which is more rutted than ever. This course will test the finest suspension. While you can run a hardtail like other DH races, to PIN IT and WIN the FASTEST rider pot, you'll need a true DH rig! 1,000'+/- elevation loss with NO uphill sections, with a NEW mini G-out finish where a huge crowd can see you finish!!! Fastest times are expected in the low 2-minute range. Blake Von Knopka of rideSFO will be the Course Designer like last year, and he and the crew will be building us a kick ass course! And we promise good course markings (no tape on a tree branch 6' off the ground). And, this is a totally spectator friendly course.

Timing: The CHDH is bringing back Team Wrong Way to handle the timing system for 2007. TWW is a seasoned veteran in throwing races. They threw the GGG now known as the CHDH from 2001 to 2005. The CHDH welcomes TWW to the mix.

Shuttles: We will have a shuttle (stakebed truck) to the top of the hill for both practice and race day. Yahoo! No lovely scenic hike unless you want one. Shuttle rides are FREE all weekend!!! However, you must be registered and have signed the waiver to be on the course. For you more fit riders who need the warmup, the hike will take you 30-45 minutes to get to the top (depending on your fitness level of course).

Food: Scott's DownHome DownHill BBQ for Race 1

Saturday - Carolina Style Pulled Pork Sandwich with Chips and water or soda - $8.00

Sunday - Apple Wood Smoked Tri-tip Sandwich with Pasta Salad and water or soda - $8.00 or Pesto Marinated Chicken Breast Sandwich with Pasta Salad and water or soda - $7.50

Camping: Camping will be available both at the main campground, and within 100 yards of our parking area. The camping in our parking area will only be available Saturday night, but camping in the main campground is available every day. Camping in our area is FREE. Camping in the main campground is $10. Contact Carnegie to reserve your space in the main campground. Please obey the rules so we don't lose this privilege of camping near our race area.

Misc. Heavy rain *could* cancel the event. The State Park may choose to close the park, and the fireroad could become too slick for the shuttle vehicles. If this is the case (and only if this happens), we will try to reschedule the race and give you the choice to stay registered or get refunded. If you're the protesting type, stay at home. Our intention for putting on this race is for everyone to have fun. You can expect a low-key, festive atmosphere. We'll be playing music, taking photos (and some video), and having fun!!!

Questions, comments, feedback - email us @

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